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Verodin operationalizes threat intelligence so you can validate your defenses against known threat actors to manage cybersecurity risk.

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Relevance & Impact

Optimize protection and reduce your business risk from known cybersecurity threat actors.

What threats should we prepare for? How do we understand the threats we face? Verodin reduces risk by identifying the most relevant and impactful threats targeting your organization, and armed with this information, you can automatically test defenses with the same behaviors your potential adversaries use to breach other companies. Threat Intel teams are better positioned to refine their strategy by:

  • Proactively identifying threats

  • Influencing investment by aligning business risk and security programs

  • Aligning cybersecurity technology, security programs and resources against the most likely threats and actors


Confidently report on the effectiveness of your security program with threat intel integration.

In order to improve and optimize efficiency, organizations need to know the threats they are currently facing so they can future-proof their security stack against likely threats. Verodin enables threat intel to do just this by allowing you to visualize how defenses are performing to provide early warnings of how an attack may happen. This allows you to patch vulnerabilities that pose the biggest risk to your security posture and execute hunting missions based on who may be targeting you, their intent, techniques and tools.

Replace Assumptions with Evidence

Integration of threat intel with Verodin SIP allows you to strategically prioritize and accelerate response to protect business-critical assets.

Context helps organizations understand and avoid cyber threats, and as part of this understanding, knowing “who” might attack is critical to assess the business implications of a threat. Verodin enables Threat Intel teams to anticipate and strategically respond to threats by moving them from proactive to reactive, prioritizing which alerts to respond to and why, and driving better informed responses to security incidents.

What people are saying:

"Verodin developed a platform to continuously validate an organizations security efficacy across people, process, technology. By assessing security controls in real time, I could now have empirical data that security configurations are working as designed, and answer key questions like “where in the attack life cycle are my vulnerabilities? Could I actually remove a technology from my stack? and am I getting better?" All important to balancing the right controls against the risk we wanted to take."

Maj. Gen. Earl D. Matthews, USAF (Ret.)
Former Director of Cyber Operations, USAF
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