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Verodin Threat Actor Assurance

Gain Assurance You Won't Be Next

Combine the latest threat intelligence from our partners with the Verodin platform to automatically test defenses against ever-evolving threat actor behaviors, visualize results, and enable your business to achieve optimum protection.


Validate defenses and gain assurance your critical business assets are protected

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"This leap forward allows organizations to understand exactly which threat actor groups could compromise them and how their defenses will perform before the actual attack."

Colby DeRodeff
CTO | Verodin

How It Works

  • Add Threat Actor Assurance Module to the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP).
  • Integrate one or more threat intelligence feeds from our partners.
  • Information is automatically retrieved and collected by Verodin.
  • Consolidated profiles are created for each Threat Actor.
  • Tactics, techniques, and procedures are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and Verodin Evaluations are created automatically.
  • Security defenses are tested with the same behaviors used by your adversaries.
  • Gain an accurate understanding of how your defenses will perform and which threat actor groups could compromise your business.

Screenshot displays a randomly-generated sample data set.

Can the latest attack happen to me?

Don't Wait to Find Out.

Knowing the possible threats against your organization doesn’t ensure your defenses can protect you. Improve your approach by turning your intelligence into empirical data on how your systems will react to the known behaviors used by your potential adversaries. Contact Verodin today to discuss how to turn threat intelligence into the insight you need to optimize protection.

About Verodin

Verodin is a business platform that provides organizations with the evidence needed to measure, manage, and improve their cybersecurity effectiveness. The Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) provides proof that cybersecurity technologies and processes are effective across endpoint, email, cloud, and network controls, enabling organizations to continuously validate the protection of their business-critical assets.