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Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) enables the Security Operations Center (SOC) to see what is happening in an organization’s security stack to manage, mitigate and assess cybersecurity gaps.

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Clear Reporting

SOCs can accurately report to the C-Suite and board members.

Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) provides SOCs with empiric reports that reveal exactly how people, processes and technology respond to a specific cyber threat ahead of time, effectively displaying what the post incident report will look like before the actual incident occurs. Armed with this information, SOCs can accurately report on and direct effective cyber risk management plans, understand the true impact of different attacks, cover technology gaps and make educated investment decisions to improve cybersecurity risk management.

Deeper Insight

SOCs gain unprecedented visibility into technology and processes.

Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) enables SOCs to gain end-to-end network visibility so that they know what tools are and are not working, while reducing the risk of missing or mismanaging critical alerts due to false positives.

Long-Term Growth

SOCs receive real and continuous validation.

Because Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) continuously monitors and validates the layered defenses, cybersecurity effectiveness is always understood and improving. And that means SOCs will no longer miss critical alerts, are able to respond to breaches effectively, and have the insights to correlate alerts and events quickly.

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Starting security validation from scratch?

Chances are you’re ignoring valuable security data that can be gathered via instrumentation. Future-proof your security posture today.

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Automate Testing Against MITRE ATT&CK

By automating MITRE ATT&CK emulations, your team is freed from labor intensive, manual testing. Begin generating results within hours of initial implementation by leveraging our security content library and mapping tools.

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Faster Implementation

Begin generating results within hours by leveraging our security content library and mapping tools.

Save Time & Money

Free your team from labor intensive, manual testing by automating MITRE ATT&CK.

Identify Gaps Sooner

Easy to understand dashboards provide visualized data over time against your known baseline.

More Accurate Results

Our robust library of attacks across all 12 threat vectors fully represent the attack lifecycle.

Increase Confidence

Continuously validate your defense coverage by safely executing attack behaviors.

Best in Class

While most companies focus on basic subset coverage, we provide full depth of the adversary landscape.

Advanced Module

Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM)

Add TAAM to SIP today to make the latest threat intelligence actionable. Integrates with leading threat intelligence providers and allows for highly detailed threat actor testing within MITRE framework.

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