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Why Security Validation?

With continuous security validation you'll know how your cybersecurity is performing on a daily basis.

It’s time for a paradigm shift. Start validating your cybersecurity effectiveness like any other business function with Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin).

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Major public and private industries covered.


Leading security technologies instrumented.

Mandiant Security Validation: a prerequisite to realize ROI from your cybersecurity strategy.

Are the dollars spent on mitigating and assessing cybersecurity risks making your environment more secure? Are you able to measure against cybersecurity KPIs so that you know if you are improving at prevention and detection of cybersecurity threats as well as response over time? Are you using the full value of your existing security tools?

Validate and measure cybersecurity effectiveness to realize the value of effort and dollars being spent.

Security has evolved over the last several years, shifting from a requirement or compliance driven task to a key business function that has a critical impact on continuity and profitability. CEOs, boards of directors and shareholders now want to understand its relevance, rationalization and overall contribution on core business objectives in a measured way.

Why choose security validation?

Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) gives you the visibility and evidence of controls effectiveness and assurance. And that’s important, because you are now empowered to measurably improve and demonstrate the value of your organization’s defenses, enabling everyone to understand and communicate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity strategy with quantifiable, evidence-based data.

Risk Management

Improve Security Posture

What gets measured gets improved. Security Validation uniquely provides continuous insight into the dynamic nature of security environments that are constantly drifting away from normal settings.

Resource Management

Clarify Return on Investment

Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) will give you insight into overlapping toolsets, if tools are configured properly, environmental drift, and other factors that could be costing your organization valuable resources.

The Journey to Cyber Maturity


Average number of tools left underutilized at default settings


Average number of tools with overlapping capabilities.

Optimize your cybersecurity management by moving away from assumptions to evidence-based data to positive business outcomes.

If you lack the tools to measure cybersecurity effectiveness, then you can’t communicate and understand the value of the effort and dollars being spent. To add further complexity, the modern cybersecurity strategy is complex and ever-changing, and every environment is unique, so if not calibrated properly, you can miss out on significant value from security technologies.

Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) mitigates your cybersecurity risks by validating those tools that are protecting your business-critical assets from cybersecurity threats. We do this by providing clear evidence of and understanding on the effectiveness of the controls protecting your organization, exposing gaps and providing recommendations for improvement. Our process demonstrates measured improvement over time and includes these 4 key steps to validate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity risk management solution.

Evaluate Current Environment Setup

Are your controls working the way you expect them to? Are they properly configured? Mandiant Security Validation enables you to test, challenge and validate controls effectiveness and configuration assurance.

Before Security Validation

You are lacking evidence of strengths, weaknesses and gaps, and without that evidence, you are relying on assumptions and do not have the tools to align value of security to the business.

With Security Validation

With Mandiant Security Validation, you have evidence-based data on your cybersecurity effectiveness and precise knowledge of how and what areas need to be improved for optimal effectiveness.

Make Evidence-Based Adjustments to the Environment.

Armed with data, you can strategically optimize your existing controls and identify areas for improvement to bolster your security effectiveness.

Before Security Validation

Without the ability to measure performance and identify gaps, your security stack is vulnerable to misconfigurations and increased risk and exposure.

With Security Validation

Mandiant Security Validationprovides specific controls based visibility and intelligence so that you can continuously validate cybersecurity effectiveness.

Identify & Remove Unnecessary Tools.

Where are your overlaps and true gaps? Can tools be removed from the stack? Can you simplify the environment?

Before Security Validation

Without evidence-based data, not only are you are unable to measure ROI, but also, you run the risk of having duplicative capability in your stack, resulting is loss of investments and product exhaustion.

With Security Validation

Mandiant Security Validation shows your definitive proof of performance, ROI and overall impact on your security posture.

Verodin SIP Continuously Monitors for Environmental Drift Detection.

Do you have a complete analysis of test results compared to a known good baseline? Do you know more than if a threat is being blocked or not?

Before Security Validation

Without continuous testing and monitoring, you are lacking insights as to when there is a shift in the overall security posture, where it happened and why.

With Security Validation

Mandiant Security Validation is the only platform that is always analyzing the environment for drift and proactively brings it to your attention before it’s too late.

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Advanced Module

Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM)

Add TAAM today to make the latest threat intelligence actionable. Integrates with leading threat intelligence providers and allows for highly detailed threat actor testing within MITRE framework.

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Automate Testing Against MITRE ATT&CK

By automating MITRE ATT&CK emulations, your team is freed from labor intensive, manual testing. Begin generating results within hours of initial implementation by leveraging our security content library and mapping tools.

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