Verodin Launches Revolutionary Software Platform Continuously Measuring the Effectiveness of Security Technologies and Teams
April 18, 2016

Funding from Cisco Investments accelerates Verodin’s Instrumented Security reach across industry sectors

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Verodin, a software company defining the concept of Instrumented Security, today announced its formal launch and general availability of the Verodin Platform, the most comprehensive means for organizations to continuously measure and improve the performance of cybersecurity technologies, people and processes protecting critical data and IT assets.

Led by security industry veterans and backed by investors including Cisco Investments, Verodin allows organizations to measurably mature their cybersecurity performance by safely executing attack activity and malicious behavior on production networks and learning how security controls respond – in real-time. By providing invaluable situational awareness, Verodin lets security managers, C-Level executives and boards of directors maximize security investments by improving their defenses.

“For too long, security professionals have been forced to quantify their security posture by citing the number of products they have installed to ward off multiplying threats,” said Verodin CEO and Co-Founder Christopher Key. “With defenders counting products and adversaries counting gaps, it is no wonder data breaches continue at a fast clip, despite unprecedented levels of security spending. Verodin adds certainty and visibility to the chaotic security landscape by revealing which threats matter the most – the attacks your organization cannot see or stop in time. This revolutionizes risk management and budget effectiveness in a field otherwise governed by spending and assumptions.”

Instrumented Security means precisely measuring, in real-time and on an ongoing basis, the cumulative effectiveness of layered defenses and incident response readiness against specific attack activity. By revealing an organization’s true security posture, Verodin’s platform eliminates costly uncertainties, identifies breach weaknesses, greatly enhances security training and helps customers confidently make cost-effective security buying decisions.

Built to easily deploy across diverse IT infrastructures and alongside existing defenses, the Verodin Platform is architected to safely execute advanced cyber attacks and malicious behaviors with zero impact on IT assets. Verodin integrates into existing technologies and automatically generates reports detailing which steps of an attack are blocked (prevented), what events are generated (detected) and which aspects of malicious behavior are missed completely. Much like a honeypot is designed to fool an attacker, Verodin’s technology tricks defenses into thinking attacks are underway, measures their responses and provides actionable feedback to help customers quickly harden systems. As defenses are tuned, Verodin’s platform continuously validates that the performance of prevention, detection, and response controls remains effective.

The platform is ideal for proving how security is impacted in complex and rapidly changing environments where configuration changes, security personnel turnover and partner mis-configurations can continually erode security safeguards. As the over-focus on data breach prevention has proved impractical, Verodin helps facilitate the critical shift toward a best-practices balance of prevention, detection and response.

In addition to Verodin’s own content library, the company’s open, extensible platform empowers users to craft their own attacks and import data captured in the wild, and exchanged via Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) and other threat intelligence sources. This now enables executives and security teams to answer the inevitable question of “Could this happen to us?” when new attacks compromise successive retailers, banks, hospitals and other organizations.

Verodin’s business model is attracting strategic partners who benefit from adding Instrumented Security to their capability offerings and custom value propositions. Verodin is currently working with managed security services, professional services and other technology providers. Visit to learn more about teaming with Verodin.

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Verodin is defining the emerging concept of Instrumented Security. The company’s revolutionary platform empowers customers to measure and continuously validate the cumulative effectiveness of layered security infrastructures – across technologies and people - revealing true security postures. Through automated defense analysis, Verodin customers achieve maximum value from security spending, better leverage existing security investments and measurably improve their cyber prevention, detection and response capabilities. Learn more at


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