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Former RSA Executive Chairman Art Coviello Joins Verodin's Strategic Advisory Board

September 12, 2017

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Verodin, the leader in measuring security effectiveness and controls assurance, today announced that Art Coviello, former RSA executive chairman and well-known security strategist, has joined its strategic advisory board. As an information security veteran with decades of executive experience and influence, Coviello is committed to supporting Verodin in its mission to dramatically improve organizations’ security ROI through instrumentation. In addition to participating in Verodin’s ongoing success, Coviello sits on the board of directors for several highly respected companies, including a top public financial institution.

“Coviello brings something completely unique to the table – a true understanding and appreciation for the challenges faced by executive management and boards when assessing business risk related to cyber threats,” said Verodin CEO and Co-founder Christopher Key. “His experience will be invaluable as Verodin continues to raise the standard of assessing business risk related to cyber threats.”

In Coviello’s experience, only by delivering factual evidence through security controls validation and continuous monitoring can you truly validate that an organization’s security system is working the way it was intended. In a recent interview with Verodin CISO Brian Contos, Coviello stated, “There is no way to be able to understand risk if you don’t have a capability like Verodin.”

Through its Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP), Verodin offers visibility into security effectiveness by qualifying and measuring it across prevention, detection, and response in order to produce actionable business insights, just like every other metrics-driven business unit. Companies can now assess their security stack holistically to optimize resource allocation, determine the most – and least – effective tools, and ensure that the business realizes the full value of their cybersecurity investments. “Without the ability to test the efficacy of your security infrastructure proactively and continuously, you’re going to be constantly exposed in ways that you might never have imagined or, tragically, in ways that could be easily remedied,” explains Coviello.

Prior to Verodin, when serving as Executive Chairman at RSA, Coviello played a pivotal role in the company’s record-setting growth. Coviello continues to make a lasting impact by actively participating in global cybersecurity initiatives. As an industry thought leader, Coviello is a regular speaker at conferences and forums, and frequently provides counsel to enterprises and government agencies combating emerging threats.

“It’s urgent that companies base their decisions around security on facts and not assumptions. Verodin SIP removes assumptions and demonstrates whether what you have in place is actually working or not. I’m thrilled to be a part of this exciting new category of security,” said Coviello.

To watch Art Coviello’s complete interview, please navigate here.


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The Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) is the first business platform to measure, manage and improve cybersecurity effectiveness. The revolutionary platform empowers enterprises to remove assumptions and prove their security effectiveness with quantifiable, evidence-based data. With Verodin SIP, you can observe and adjust real responses to real attacks without ever putting production systems in danger. Verodin customers dramatically increase the ROI of their existing security investments, achieve maximum value from future spending and measurably mature their cyber prevention, detection and response capabilities.

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