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Why I Joined Verodin: By Rob Potter, Chief Revenue Officer

Everyone talks about finding a company that presents a strong value proposition they can believe in, with great people, and a fun atmosphere. I found that with Verodin.

August 30, 2017
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During my tenure as the Vice President of the Americas at Symantec, I had the privilege to support so many great customers in constantly improving their security posture. Over the past few years, the topic of product efficacy and controls validation has dominated my conversations. The number of point solutions to enter the market and compete for presence across the network, the endpoint, and email is both confusing and exhausting to many. Many CIO/CISOs joke about the fact that for so many product pitches you could change the logo and the pitch remains the same.

Security technology leaders have reached the extreme level of vendor and security product fatigue.  There is a new thirst in the market – a need to understand full value and effectiveness, as well as a desire to be able to communicate that value in a business forum with executives in the boardroom. CIO/CISO/CTOs are now as critical a business leader as the CFO, COO, and the financial analyst that drives a company’s direction. 

They are the leaders that protect that path of execution and success for any company. This elevation in the boardroom comes with a responsibility to control costs and drive effectiveness.  They have a new responsibility to be able to measure the effectiveness of the technologies they are buying, manage the infrastructure they built, and constantly improve the security posture of the company they protect.

In exploring new opportunities following the leadership transitions at Symantec, the words of Art Coviello, a mentor to me, resonated clearly, “Never before have so many companies spent so much to accomplish so little.”  It was my desire to explore opportunities that addressed the need to achieve getting value out of the security stack.

I was set on finding a company that was not just another security tool among tools or a capability posing as a product.  I wanted to find something that would revolutionize the security market – the thought process behind security – the way executives and boards thought about security.  An introduction by Art connected me to a person who presented exactly what I was seeking.

I met Chris Key at a coffee shop in McLean, Virginia.  The former EMC, Symantec executive in his suit and tie sits down with the innovative technology start-up guru in shorts with his patented black shirt and beard. After the typical pleasantries and resume run through, Chris said something that locked me in – “I am not interested in building a security product, I want to build a platform that changes how we view security and how we instrument it to measure and improve effectiveness.”  He continued to say, “there are too many security tools in the stack, and there is not a good way to confidently divest, or replace technology without being able to instrument it.”

Those were a few of the statements that drove me to dig deeper into Verodin and the platform.  I soon learned that several Fortune 500 companies had already invested in the platform and had great success stories.  Numerous companies were piloting the technology and expanding use cases across effectiveness, rationalization, Purple teaming, product evaluations, etc.  I soon learned how Chris was able to draw some great people into Verodin and attract impressive investors.

This is why I am so excited to be joining the team at Verodin. Everyone talks about finding a company that presents a strong value proposition they can believe in, with great people, and a fun atmosphere.  I found Verodin with its ability to deliver that value proposition, an incredible team of innovative and customer focused people, a visionary founder/leader, and an atmosphere that balances the importance of customer focus with building an enjoyable work environment.  This culture is driving a company that is already establishing itself in the financial, government, healthcare, and retail markets.

As I enter into this new endeavor with my Verodin team, I look forward to continuing to support the many customers I have engaged with across the globe.  I look forward to introducing you to Verodin’s Security Instrumentation Platform and discovering how we drive better effectiveness together.  I am confident you will see the greatness in the people that make up Verodin, the technology that proves effectiveness, and the visionary impact Verodin will have on how we all look at security in the future!

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Chances are you’re ignoring valuable security data that can be gathered via instrumentation. Future-proof your security posture today.

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