Verodin Takes On Budapest

Validating your security stack and quantifying your capabilities is a need of security teams across the globe. Last week my colleague Jeff and I had the opportunity to meet with some of our customers and prospects in and around Budapest.

Wherever we went, people were asking the same thing: “Why hasn’t anyone built a solution like this before?” With Verodin SIP you can measure the effectiveness of your security tools and improve them. You can measure the effectiveness of your SOC team and processes and improve them too.

Verodin SIP gives everyone the ability to validate their security effectiveness anywhere.

Between meetings, we were fortunate enough to see some sights around Budapest. Budapest has such rich history. It was amazing seeing the new and old come together. The people, hospitality, and culture make us look forward to our next trip.

I know Jeff is (secretly) dreaming of a special trip in February to partake in the masked end-of-winter carnival called Busó of Mohács which is pictured above.

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