Verodin CEO Chris Key – Rolling Up His Sleeves & Delivering Straight Talk in Indiana

At Verodin, everyone gets in the field to meet with customers, hear use cases and integrate the feedback into Verodin SIP. We do this so that we can continue delivering world-class solutions to our customers. For our CEO, Chris Key, it’s no different.

There is no place Chris would rather be than traveling the globe, sharing ideas, and helping to solve the big problems in security – like making sure your security solutions are actually providing value. In typical Chris style, there is no PowerPoint or marketing – just straight, honest talk and a sharing of ideas and lessons learned.

This week Chris spent time with customers in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. He loves seeing Verodin SIP in use and hearing about all the ways organizations are using SIP to improve their security effectiveness across red teams, SOCs, auditors and the like.

Pictured above, Chris was able to shave off some cycles to talk with the Indiana ISSA Chapter.

A big thanks to the Hoosier State for inviting Verodin to their event.

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