So Many Choices, So Little Time

Do you ever go to the grocery store just to buy a simple item, like an apple, and end up being overwhelmed by a whole aisle of choices just for that thing?  Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, Fuji, McIntosh…

These days, the options for cybersecurity and its products are just as overwhelming. There are thousands of cybersecurity companies—hundreds founded in just the past few months alone—and the process of shopping, implementing, and configuring every product can be daunting.

Cybersecurity companies these days follow a cycle: they create a product that does what 50 other companies do, but with a twist. Soon, other vendors come along and build upon that product and the cycle continues, making it hard to keep track of who does what, how it all fits together, and if it’s all doing what it’s supposed to.

A couple of days ago, I had a great live discussion with Clark Seller from THAT Conference about how to narrow down that list of products and vendors by testing the performance of all your security tools. We also talked about detecting and responding to attacks, common security obstacles, hackers, cyber warfare, and how these all play into the false sense of security we have based on assumptions.

Watch my chat with THAT Conference below.

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