Smart Leaders Choose Verodin SIP

It has been a fantastic week at RSA so far. Getting the Verodin team together with our partners, holding events, and most importantly, spending lots of time with customers are just a few of my favorite things.

A large number of Verodin customers were present all week. So, I was fortunate enough to solicit feedback around why they purchased Verodin SIP, how they use it, what they like best, feature requests, and more.

One of my favorite quotes from the week, which lead to my very cavalier title, came from a major insurance company that has been a customer since early 2017. Their CISO stated, “The smartest leaders choose Verodin for their teams because it’s the easiest way to get real value from security investments.”  

This CISO was referencing the fact that Verodin SIP is simple to implement, integrate, learn, use, manage, and most importantly, derive value from. Our team is always laser-focused on this set of characteristics because we understand very well–from being consumers of security products and from building security products–that the number one enemy of security success is complexity.

You don’t want your security teams agonizing over a security instrumentation platform to get value. You want the process of increasing security effectiveness to be efficient and effective. The platform should be extremely powerful yet simple to use. That’s Verodin SIP.

I absolutely love that Verodin SIP is easy to use. The fact that you can automate the process of not just measuring security effectiveness across prevention, detection, and response, but you can leverage Verodin SIP to manage and improve security effectiveness through prescriptive results really makes for an elegant platform. Not to mention, the reporting is not only specific and actionable from a tactical perspective, but it’s equally valuable for business decision makers, including executive leadership teams and boards.

With Verodin SIP, you can quickly and easily determine if security controls are preventing, detecting, and alerting across endpoint, network, email, and cloud security controls. With zero false positives, you can leverage the actionable output to prescriptively instrument and tune your controls.

You can then re-evaluate that the changes you made work the way you want. And best of all, once you have your systems in a “known good state,” you can automatically monitor for environmental drift to ensure that what’s working stays working.

Getting security right doesn’t need to be hard. Complexity is the enemy. Check out Verodin SIP.

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