Security, Sequences, and Szechuan

Today, we got some of our West coast Verodin Security Engineers together for a brainstorming session on security sequences…and to have some spicy Szechuan.

Within the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) we have attack behaviors. These attack behaviors are used by customers to validate the effectiveness of their security stack. This is accomplished by safely measuring the impact of real attack behaviors within their production environments. In the real word, attacks are often made up of multiple behaviors:  enter Verodin Sequences.

With Verodin SIP, sequences are attack behaviors chained together so that you can validate your security against a group of logically linked behaviors that are emblematic of what you would expect to see in real life.

The reason we got some of the team together today was to discuss the best way of leveraging the awesome sequences our customers have been sharing and our security engineers have been building. There are some really cool and valuable sequences that came out of our conversations.

We want our customers to be able to run as many attack behaviors and as many sequences as they like. Because it isn’t cost prohibitive for Verodin customers to turn on the “attack firehose,” they’ve really come up with some stellar, road tested sequences. Stay tuned to the Verodin blog as I release technical details about these Verodin SIP Sequences and demonstrate why sequences are such a critical part of security instrumentation and improving security effectiveness.

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