Security instrumentation Platform's Impact on Patient Care and Protection

The volume of sensitive data including specialized medical devices, intellectual property and electronic healthcare records (EHR) that resides within healthcare environments make it one of the most targeted industry sectors for cyber attacks. Healthcare providers need continuous validation that the layered defenses in place are effectively protecting operations, safeguarding their critical assets and satisfying regulatory mandates. 

I’m very fortunate to have recently conducted a video interview with Jeffrey Vinson, CISO of a major Healthcare provider in Texas, about how the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) has improved his organization’s security effectiveness.

In addition to the video below, Verodin will be publishing a series of blogs and webinars over the coming weeks focused on SIP for healthcare providers, payers, and sciences. Verodin has a great number of healthcare customers and SIP is helping them address a wide range of use cases from validating and tuning security tools, including those tools protecting critical devices that support patient health, pinpointing where future security investments need to be made, and communicating security effectiveness trends to business stakeholders.

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If you enjoyed this interview, don’t miss Verodin’s healthcare-focused webcast coming up. You can register here.

In the video above, Mr. Vinson shares a few of his perspectives on SIP:

  • “SIP is by far the best thing I’ve seen in my security career.”
  • “Prior to SIP, there was no way to validate our security investment.”
  • “I don’t just want to know what’s broken, I want to know how to fix it.”
  • “My security program effectiveness before SIP was best guess…with SIP I absolutely know.”
  • “I’m a retired military officer and you fight like you train. In security, you don’t have time to sit back and talk about what you’re going to do. SIP allows you to attack the problem immediately.”

Learn more about the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform and request a demo here.

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