Security Effectiveness Done Differently, Not Just Better

One of the things I love best about the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) is that it’s not a “me too” solution where we take what’s already there and just do it better. SIP is actually different. It’s a different solution in a completely different category. It’s a new way of approaching security effectiveness, overall, across people, processes, and technology.

“Different” can be scary at first, but it brings real change. Creating a different category is often exactly what is needed as opposed to improving on an existing one. Think about Apple, Netflix, Google, and Tesla. There is actually a great Harvard Business Review article titled, “Why it pays to be a category creator,” that explores this topic.

The team here at Verodin, to include employees, investors, and advisors, is comprised of people–some would say pirates–that aren’t satisfied with a slight next-generation, 2.0, improvement to how security works. We are all passionate about completely changing how you’ll approach security effectiveness. And if there is an industry segment that needs to approach problems differently, it’s security. So, we created SIP, different, not just better.

SIP provides a platform to effectively and efficiently measure, manage and improve security effectiveness. This approach to security has started a gravitational pull towards SIP because it just makes intuitive sense, people get it, and executives and operators alike use it.

To find out just how different SIP is, visit our website and request a demo and or check out one of our tutorials on proving security effectiveness.

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