Optiv and Verodin Take On Oklahoma

Verodin customers presented their red teaming, blue teaming and purple teaming use cases to attendees at two awesome Oklahoma events that our partner Optiv helped host.

We’ve had lots of great events with Optiv over the last few months like the ones in Houston and Denver. Team Optiv never disappoints and brought 26 different companies to see firsthand how the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) is being used and saving organization time, money and other resources.

It was great to hear from the Verodin customers presenting, how much value CISOs, CIOs and even CEOs and board members are getting from the quantitative reporting, trending, and metrics Verodin SIP delivers. It was also wonderful to hear customers brag about the ease of the Verodin POC process and how quickly they were able to see results. I’ve been in security for a long time – to hear customers bragging about the ease of a Verodin SIP POC is so refreshing.

Some of the most popular use cases that were discussed included:

  • Augmenting traditional red teaming efforts to focus on validating that security controls are effective and working cooperatively with blue teams to identify and remediate risks – i.e. purple teaming
  • Chaining multiple attacks together to create real-life attack sequences that might include a combination of dropper installations, beaconing, command, and control, lateral movement, dumping sensitive data such as password hashes and finally data exfiltration
  • Validating endpoint security controls are blocking and or detecting and evaluating multiple endpoint security controls to determine which is best for your environment
  • Leveraging the prescriptive capabilities of Verodin SIP to not only identify gaps but provide the steps, signatures, rules, etc. to close those gaps
  • Weaponizing PCAPs to validate security effectiveness against a specific attack pulled from threat intelligence, ISACs, packet capture solutions, public PCAP repositories and the like

A big thanks to all the companies that took time out of their busy schedules to hear how real customers are getting real value from Verodin SIP. And of course, a big thanks to Optiv for helping to put together another great event.

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