Most Common Cybersecurity Questions from Executive Leadership and Boards

October 25, 2018
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In a recently published interview with best-selling cybersecurity author Richard Stiennon, Verodin CISO Brian Contos asks an important question: How can executive management and boards get evidence that their business’ critical assets are always protected?

Richard describes Security Instrumentation as a new category born from the urgent need to measure cybersecurity like every other metrics-driven business unit. “Finally, the CISO gets to have the same set of granularity on the answers that he or she can provide.”

Join Richard next Friday, Nov 2 at his upcoming webinar, “Questions That Every CISO Needs to Be Asking,” where he’ll be providing an exclusive first look at his latest research on Security Instrumentation. A core focus of Richard’s research is centered on empowering executive leadership and boards with KPIs to gauge cyber hygiene and better understand risk. It’s a giant leap forward from due diligence to due care.

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