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Harvard Business Review published a piece titled, “Are you Accurately Measuring Your Company’s Digital Strength?” The article states that digital signals are being missed which is a problem because digital metrics are essential to understanding the business.

The focus of the authors, Jeff Maling, Rod Fertig, and Arun Muthupalaniappan, was on the stock market–more specifically, on how the stock market is undervaluing digital and the link between digital strength and shareholder value.

The digital metrics they use is where it gets really interesting. Things like Digital Magnitude which measures site visits, page views, social media, etc., Digital Share which is a company’s Digital Magnitude divided by the sum of the magnitude of competitors, and Digital Momentum which tracks the metrics to see if things are trending up or down.

The need to measure and understand metrics in cybersecurity is equally important. In cybersecurity, you do this with Security Instrumentation. Security Instrumentation is all about understanding the efficacy of our security solutions and measuring your security effectiveness by knowing empirically what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it. Equally important, once something is fixed, you can validate to ensure the fix worked and continuously validate to ensure the fix stays working.

As the HBR article states, digital strength is an important determinant of business health. Equally so, the metrics derived by Security Instrumentation is important for security health. Measuring security effectiveness helps organizations to determine which solutions are adding value, need to be tuned, or need to be retired as well as identify security gaps and needed investments.

Security Instrumentation allows you to trend security effectiveness over time to see more strategically where investments are failing versus where investments are paying off with empiric, repeatable results.

Best of all, Security Instrumentation solutions like those offered by Verodin, offer you a platform that allows you to automatically and continuously measure security effectiveness and supply the results to a wide range of stakeholders ranging from offensive and defensive security analysts and CISOs to CIOs, CFOs, CEOs, boards, and auditors.

The Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform or SIP is the first business platform that is purpose-built to measure, manage and improve cybersecurity effectiveness. Check out our site to learn more about how Security Instrumentation works.

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