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Mandiant Security Validation integrates its Security Instrumentation Platform with Mandiant’s Leading Threat Intelligence through Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM)

TAAM provides organizations the means to operationalize timely, relevant intelligence for continuous cyber security validation to bolster defenses and outmaneuver motivated threat actors.

May 14, 2020
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Today, security teams are concerned with their readiness against specific threat types and attribute cyber attacks in their environment to particular adversary campaigns and related threat actor behaviors. They are leveraging threat intelligence to understand the potential impact of adversaries to their organization but struggle to operationalize it within their security program. However, a new resource and approach has emerged for security teams attempting to defend against adversary attacks – enter Mandiant Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP). With the SIP and Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM), security professionals can align testing their defenses to the most relevant threat actors to their organization and their industry.

With TAAM, organizations can definitively determine their ability to detect, alert, and block the attack behaviors from the most prolific and persistent threat actors by seamlessly integrating threat intelligence from sources that include FireEye, Anomali, Flashpoint, Intel471 and ThreatConnect into SIP. An organization can gain insights into how their controls perform against specific actor profile and attacks, and implement focused improvements across enterprise technology, people, and processes to optimize their security programs to defend against them.

A Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity to Stop Attacks from Cyber Threat Actors

The combination of the Mandiant Security Instrumentation Platform with the Threat Actor Assurance Module integrating Mandiant Threat Intelligence represents tremendous innovation and a paradigm shift in cybersecurity—the ability to measure and demonstrate cybersecurity effectiveness with data-driven metrics as well as enabling data-driven prioritization of areas to improve inside the security program. Ultimately, the combination aligns an organization’s defenses to stop attacks from the most determined and sophisticated adversaries worldwide.

The Mandiant Security Instrumentation Platform with the Threat Actor Assurance Module provides evidence of security posture readiness and helps enable security leaders to demonstrate their business competency by aligning their security program to the most relevant types of cyber threats to the organization.

The key features and benefits of TAAM include:

  • Threat Intelligence Integration and Optimization: Increases the value of organizations’ threat intelligence by directly connecting intelligence to the current baseline and improvements needed in the effectiveness of specific security controls.
  • Reporting Enrichment and Deeper Context: Offers additional threat-aligned reporting for tracking improvements in protection and deeper context on the adversaries behind the attacks, both to bolster a company’s security posture.
  • Evidence and Confidence: Continuously validates security effectiveness, equipping IT leaders with the evidence needed to report on the effectiveness of their security program to defend against real, sophisticated attacks for C-level executives and the board.

The current cyber threat landscape is complex and a lack of visibility into it will lead to unforeseen consequences as threat adversaries become more motivated, targeted, and sophisticated. TAAM enables security teams to continuously validate and optimize their security program so that they can be confident that they will not be in tomorrow’s headlines.

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Chances are you’re ignoring valuable security data that can be gathered via instrumentation. Future-proof your security posture today.

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