Instrumenting Cloud Security to Validate Critical Controls

Did you know that as networks and workloads become more dynamic and move across on-prem, edge and multi-environments, they become more vulnerable to an attack?

Did you know that most security issues occur because security professionals lack the means to confirm controls and strategies are operating as they’re supposed to?

Did you know that security instrumentation provides security practitioners with a way to continuously measure, manage and optimize cybersecurity effectiveness?

Want to know how you can ensure that your data in the cloud is protected? Join us on January 16th at 1pm ET for our webinar with the AFCEA, Instrumenting Cloud Security to Validate Critical Controls. Major General Earl Matthews, USFA (Ret), our Chief Strategy Officer, and Mark Bagley, our Vice President of Products, will present with Kimberly Underwood, Senior Editor at SIGNAL Media. They will share their insights in what you can do to improve security in the cloud and protect your business-critical assets.

To register for the webinar Instrumenting Cloud Security to Validate Critical Controls, visit here.

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