Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Every October, Verodin celebrates Ada Lovelace Day. The legacy Ada left us with is not just impressive, it’s often staggering to think about what she accomplished given the time period in which she did it. Our recognition of today focuses on celebrating women in STEM industries and cybersecurity.

October 8, 2019

Every October, Verodin celebrates Ada Lovelace Day. The legacy Ada left us with is not just impressive, it’s often staggering to think about what she accomplished given the time period in which she did it. For those of you not as familiar with Ada, she was the daughter of Lord Byron and was tutored privately (which was common for young ladies of her standing). What was not so common for young ladies at the time was that mathematics was included in her studies.

Ada Lovelace went on to continue her pursuit of mathematics, specifically keen to explore the possibilities of analytics. As referenced by computerhistory.org, “in 1843 she published a translation from the French of an article on the AnalyticalEngine by an Italian engineer, Luigi Menabrea, to which Ada added extensive notes of her own. The Notes included the first published description of a stepwise sequence of operations for solving certain mathematical problems and Ada is often referred to as 'the first programmer.'”

Our recognition of Ada Lovelace Day focuses on celebrating women in STEM industries and, of course, cybersecurity. We’ve had a lot of fun since our first celebration two years ago!

When I begin planning for Ada Lovelace Day, I go back through the year to see what cool things are happening or lead by women in our industry. This year as I did that, I went through the guests we’ve had on the Verodin Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast. Since the podcast started in August 2018, I’ve had the honor of interviewing some amazing people across our industry who share their insights—from technical prowess to the legal ramifications of cybersecurity negligence. As part of that line-up, the following rock star women were on the show:

·     Parry Aftab, Policy & Cyberlaw Advisor and Chairwoman/Founder/Director, Digital Living Labs Foundation, WiredSafety, CyberSafety India, StopCyberBullying Global, & CyberWellness

·     Mackenzie Brown, Detection & Response Team Consultant, Microsoft

·     Athena Contos, Spokesperson Against Cyber Bullying, 7th Grader

·     Deneen DeFiore, SVP & Global Chief Information & Product Security Officer, GE Aviation

·     Lisa Huff, VP Sales Engineering, Exabeam

·     Helen Patton, CISO, Ohio State University

·     Ashley Zaya, Sr Threat Analyst, Verodin

The Verodin team and I decided to kick it up a notch for 2020! We have the audacious goal to gather the largest and most impressive list of women in cybersecurity and feature them on the podcast.

So, today, on Ada Lovelace Day, I am proud to share with you that we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal. What we have in store for you on the Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast for 2020 are more of the industry’s greatest cybersecurity visionaries (that also just happen to be women). These interviews are not focused on what it’s like to be a woman in cybersecurity; these are in-depth conversations about trends, challenges, and what these leaders are doing for their organizations and the industry. Please watch for the release in the first quarter of 2020!

·     Eileen Brewer, Director Program Management, Symantec

·     Anita D'Amico, CEO, Code Dx Inc.

·     Elena Elkina,  Partner and Privacy & Data Protection Management Executive, Aleada Consulting

·     Heather Engel, Chief Strategy Officer, Sera-Brynn

·     Siobhan Gorman, Partner, Brunswick Group, Former National Security Correspondentwith The Wall Street Journal

·     Kim Hakim, CEO & Founder, FutureCon Events

·     Tammy Hawkins, Director of Service Technologies, Blizzard Entertainment

·     Kelly Jackson-Higgins, Executive Editor, Dark Reading

·     Lisa Jiggetts, Founder& President, Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu

·     Neira Jones, Independent Advisor and International Speaker Specializing in Fraud & Cyber Risk in Financial Technology

·     Sandra Joyce, SVP Global Intelligence, FireEye

·     Alexa King, EVP& General Counsel, FireEye

·     Dr. Meg Layton, Director of Engineering for Cyber Security Services, Symantec

·     Mary Mack, Executive Director, Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS)

·     Kathleen Moriarty, Global Lead Security Architect, EMC & IETF Trustee

·     Monique Morrow, President, The VETRI Foundation

·     Isabel Muench, Head of Branch Critical Infrastructures, BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security)

·     Cindy Murphy, President, Gillware Digital Forensics

·     Lysa Myers, SecurityResearcher, ESET

·     Quiessence Phillips, Deputy CISO & Head of Threat Management, City of New York

·     Becky Pinkard, CISO, Aldemore Bank PLC

·     Lisa Plaggemier, Chief Evangelist, Infosec and Board Member, National Cybersecurity Alliance

·     Tiffany Strauchs Rad, CEO & Co-Founder, Anatrope, Inc.

·     Alex Rutkovitz, Co-founder & COO, Choice Cybersecurity

·     Roselle Safran, President, Rosint Labs and Entrepreneur in Residence, Lytical Ventures

·     Veronica Valeros Saracho, Malware Researcher & Project Lead, Czech Technical University in Prague

·     Amber Schroader, President & CEO, Paraben Corporation

·     MashaSedova, Co-Founder, Elevate Security

·     Dr. Chanel Suggs (Duchess of Cybersecurity), Founder & CEO, Wyvern Security LLC

And many others.


As we celebrate Ada Lovelace Day and remember her contributions to computer programming and her work with Charles Babbage on the Analytical Engine, let’s not forget the next generation of women in STEM (to include my daughters, Zoey and Athena) and their drive to make the world a better place.

After all, in the words of Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM, “Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.” 

I encourage you to explore a round-up of past activities in our previous Ada Lovelace blogs from 2017 and 2018.

Happy Lovelace Day from your friends at Verodin!

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