Crosslink Capital and Verodin

I spent yesterday (03.16. 2017) with the Crosslink Capital team in San Francisco and had a chance to mingle with both entrepreneurs and investors as well as meet up with old friends like Scott Chasin – co-founder and CEO at ProtectWise. The Crosslink team was also nice enough to give me a chance to speak on their security panel. I’m not sure they’ll make that mistake again, however :)

It was a large and diverse group of companies such as Vungle from the in-app video advertising space and Descartes Labs representing deep learning global imagery to more familiar cybersecurity companies like ProtectWise, which deliver threat detection and forensics in the cloud with awesome visualization and of course my company Verodin, where we empower you to identify what’s working and what’s not across your security solutions so you can understand your organization’s security effectiveness with empirical evidence.

I wanted to give a special thanks to Matt Bigge, partner at Crosslink Capital and member of the Verodin Board. Matt was nice enough to invite Verodin to the Crosslink event and give us a chance to speak – which was very thoughtful.

Matt and I actually go all the way back to my ArcSight days in the early 2000s. He is even mentioned in one of my books, “Physical and Logical Security Convergence” which I co-authored with the former Deputy Director of the NSA – Bill Crowell. So it’s always great to connect with Matt.

I wanted to say something about the Crosslink Capital Team. There are literally thousands of cybersecurity companies in the wild. Most are looking for some level investment and virtually all of them are banging down the doors of people like Matt and firms like Crosslink. I like to think we picked each other. Matt and Crosslink obviously saw value in Verodin’s vision and understood the opportunity to truly help customers become more secure.

Beyond that, at Verodin, we saw in Matt and Crosslink a team that “gets it.” That’s a big deal in security. There are always investors when you’ve got an awesome solution. But finding a team to partner with that can open up opportunities, provide guidance and ultimately make a company successful for the employees, customers, and investors aren’t as common as you would hope.

All of us at Verodin couldn’t be happier to be working with Matt and being part of Crosslink.

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