Conversations with Chicago CISOs

What an awesome few days in Chicago. I challenged our local Verodin sales team to set up customer meetings and a dinner where I could converse with at least 15 local security leaders. Not only did they deliver plenty of meetings but they brought 30 attendees to the dinner; color me impressed. And it was a great mix of new and existing customers which is always fantastic. I can stand up and talk, demo and share stories but at the end of the day I have a “Scarlet V for vendor” on my chest, so I always prefer it when customers have conversations and share their success cases amongst each other.

Chicago is just a cool place to have events because Midwest audiences are very interactive, ask tons of great questions and honesty are just a lot of fun to hang out with. We mostly just had informal discussions about use cases and a live product demonstration of Verodin SIP highlighting use cases like configuration assurance, prescriptive tuning, evaluating new products and of course validating security controls with zero false positives and actionable evidence.

SIP has so many applications across red and blue teams, auditors, security leadership, business leadership and the board. It’s nice to hear how SIP isn’t just making security organizations more effective and delivering more value, but how it has empowered security teams to be more strategic and measure, manage like other critical business units. That’s exactly what we say Verodin SIP is a business platform for security – not a security tool.

The dinner concluded with tons of follow-up meetings so I’m looking forward to getting back to Chicago the next couple weeks. See you soon, Chicago!

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