Brian Krebs Wins a Big One

Today’s Verodin word is JUSTICE.

While the rest of us were busy at RSA making up new buzzwords and downing cocktails, Brian Krebs skipped it this year. As usual, he was working, and I mean really working – doing the (digital) shoe-leather grind of a serious investigative journalist. That’s just one of the reasons he’s long been a personal hero of mine.

In 2013 a Ukrainian asshat hatched a plan to send heroin to Brian’s home and then called the cops with an anonymous tip to that they should go flip Brianz Sick Krib and they might get lucky and find some candy. Well, Thursday the asshat – Sergei “Fly” Vovnenko – got sent to the big house for 41 months. On unrelated cybercrime charges, but still, yay.

According to Sergey Vovnenko, a.k.a. “Fly,” “Flycracker” and “MUXACC1,” pleaded guilty last year to aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Vovnenko operated a network of more than 13,000 hacked computers, using them to harvest credit card numbers and other sensitive information. In 2013, Fly admin'd “thecc[dot]bz,” an exclusive Russian-language board dedicated to financial fraud and identity theft.

So, why should you care?

You should care because the kind of work Brian does is crucial, and rare, and fundamental to a functioning democracy (and, for those rather less concerned about democracy, how about this: the rule of law and therefore a robust economy). Brian work reminds us that the media is only the “enemy of the state” if the state is an enemy of the truth.

Principles must come before personalities, the truth must be more valued than ‘what we’d rather hear’, empirical evidence must hold sway over assumptions if we are to be successful as information security professionals, as individuals, and as a nation.

Congratulations, Brian.

Thanks for fighting the good fight, for all of us.

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