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Myra Strober of Stanford published a video titled “Achieving Balance In Work and Life.” If you’ve worked in security for any amount of time, you know it can be, well, unforgiving. Add a spouse, children, aging parents and the unpredictability that goes with life, juxtaposed with security breaches, incident response and the endless challenges associated with mitigating cyber risks, you quickly find, as the video points out, that things get very unbalanced despite how well we plan. To quote a Yiddish adage, “Man plans, and God laughs.” 

Perhaps the best example of this unbalance is from the movie Heat in the scene between Al Pacino (detective) and Robert De Niro (criminal) at the restaurant. They are talking about how chaotic it is for law enforcement to spend their lives chasing criminals.  De Niro says, “If you’re on me, and gotta move when I move, how do you expect to keep a marriage?” Pacino responds, “That’s an interesting point.”

Usually, at Verodin, I blog about how our Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) can help you better manage, measure and improve security effectiveness. While this impacts people, process, and technology, as with many things in security, the focus inevitably is on the tech.  But SIP goes beyond tech with so many use cases specifically targeting people and process.

Consider this one SIP use case: managing security by exception. Verodin SIP allows you to continuously and automatically measure your security effectiveness. You will be notified when something that was working is no longer working. My firewall was blocking these types of attacks, but now it has stopped. My DLP was preventing data loss, but it is no longer functioning. Or, my SIEM was correlating these events but doesn’t seem to be generating alerts now.

Managing security by exception with SIP means that you can continuously evaluate your security effectiveness in an automated manner thus allowing you to focus on more initiatives, be more strategic about security, and operate security more in-line with the business. It makes your security team even more relevant and gains them much needed visibility across the executive team and board. And because of the automation and security management by exception, it gives you back some of that work and life balance that’s been missing because you’ve been forced to move when the “bad guys” move.

To see how the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform can help you, check out our site and request a demo.

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