ActiveCyber: Verodin Sets the Pace in the Emerging Security Instrumentation Market

ActiveCyber, a leading resource for technological innovation in the cyber defense industry, featured an interview with our Chief Strategy Officer, Major General Earl Matthews (USAF Ret.). In the interview, Major General Matthews shares his insights into how solutions like the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) are meeting critical business needs by transforming cybersecurity defenses.

In the article, Verodin Sets the Pace in the Emerging Security Instrumentation Market and accompanying podcast interview, Major General Matthews delves into key business challenges that most organizations are faced with when implementing cybersecurity protocols, as well as the four critical security needs that Verodin SIP addresses:

  • Controls effectiveness
  • Optimizes and rationalizes
  • Detects environmental drift
  • Helps companies understand cyber risk

As the article and podcast reference, Verodin SIP is fundamentally changing the way the industry measures and reports on cybersecurity effectiveness. With Verodin SIP, CISOs now have – for the first time – quantifiable data that demonstrate on a continuous basis whether an organization’s security controls are effectively protecting assets. Security professionals can now address configuration issues and environmental drift that naturally occur when new systems and platforms are put in place to strengthen overall defenses, including products, processes and people.

As shared by Major General Matthews, 2019 has proven to be an exciting year for Verodin – from the release of our new Threat Actor Assurance Program (TAAP), which delivers actionable intelligence on how an organization’s defenses will perform against threat actors specifically targeting them, to our newest solution Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM), which enables customers to determine if threat actors can get through their defenses before the actual attack, and our recent acquisition by FireEye, who, like Verodin, is on the frontlines of cyber attacks, and together, we will scale our development, quality assurance and customer support.

For Major General Matthews’ complete article and podcast, visit ActiveCyber.

To learn more about Verodin and how you can start validating your controls against current and actual attacks, download the Security Effectiveness Report.

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