A Day in the Life of a Security Startup

Tuesday, May 9th was no ordinary day for the Verodin team. Things are usually fast-paced with sales activity, calls, development sprints, partner meetings, customer POCs, etc. but this was different.

May 16, 2017

Tuesday, May 9th was no ordinary day for the Verodin team. Things are usually fast-paced with sales activity, calls, development sprints, partner meetings, customer POCs, etc. but this was different.

I started the day at the 8th Annual Department of Justice Cybersecurity Symposium. Hosted in the spectacular atrium of the Department of Transportation building, our VP/CISO Brian Contos was slated to speak about the Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) market to a breakout session of attendees. Little did we know when we initially signed up for the event that over 500 people would attend. Last year’s projections showed half that might show but it was not to be. Standing room only seating, attendees arriving early to sessions so as not to miss a word, empty coffee carafes were all indications of the level of excitement and interest in the crowd.  This event is also a who’s who of the DOJ and beyond cyber-community.  It was great to meet so many of the leaders who are shaping our federal cyber future.

Most sessions last 40-45 minutes but the attendees in Brian’s session could not be held back.  He held the room for over an hour and then answered question after question from folks who stayed back to learn more.  A big thanks to the DOJ team for inviting the Verodin team to present and be a part of this amazing event. 

Fast forward an hour after the event and we’re having lunch with our CEO and some board members and advisors.   It’s always great to have time with the incredibly accomplished people associated with our investor team.  Visionary, committed and passionate about security are all terms that come to mind for me.

Brian and a few other folks were then off to Denver to the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference that started in the evening.  Two major cyber speeches in one day for a startup that just emerged from stealth not long ago…..not too shabby.

It was then time to race back for the 7th Annual MITRE Secure and Resilient Cyber Architectures Invitational.   Verodin was invited to attend as our Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) solution is making tremendous waves across the security landscape.  Our foundational platform allows Security leaders to see what is working across their entire posture (people, process, and technology).  MITRE is a key component of the security world providing non-partial thought leadership to the next generation of Cyber programs across both federal and commercial clients.  Customers and presenters alike streamed by our table all day to get a glimpse of the unending use cases the Verodin platform can help with.   Our team supporting the event was on point and ready to go as deep as the customers wanted on our platform and why Verodin is different.

Lastly, I wrapped up the day having dinner with some new and old customers from a major financial company.  We talked about the challenges they are having across their business and strategizing on next steps to prove out Verodin through our easy POC process.   The cyber landscape is so dynamic and fast-paced they are looking at embracing new ways to solve their problems.  They are continually pushed by their leadership to chart a new course and not repeat the mistakes of yesterday by buying products or services to plug holes.  It was impressive to hear the sheer scale of what they are attempting to accomplish and I was awed to hear that they are considering Verodin to be integral to the success of their initiatives.

On top of the events that I was a part of during the day, our fast growing company was also delivering two major POCs, pushing out a new release, participating in a board meeting, signing new partnerships and driving a few Q2 deals to close. 

By the time I got home, slightly hoarse from talking and sore from standing, I reflected on what was an amazing day in the early life of our company.  It is so satisfying to be a part of an amazing team that makes it all happen and how we are changing the security landscape.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!

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