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36 Months at Verodin

It’s October 24th, 2019, which officially marks my 36-month anniversary at Verodin, now part of FireEye. Over the past few years I’ve shared some of my perspectives and predictions for Verodin’s ongoing journey.

October 24, 2019
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It’s October 24th, 2019, which officially marks my 36-month anniversary at Verodin, now part of FireEye. Over the past few years I’ve shared some of my perspectives and predictions for Verodin’s ongoing journey.

Here’s to The Crazy Ones

On May 26th, 2017, I published a blog titled, Here’s to The Crazy Ones. Having been down the path of building successful cybersecurity startups about a half dozen times, I took off the gloves and shared some perspectives within that blog on what I think it takes and why I predicted that Verodin would indeed be one of the successful ones.

Simply put, it takes everything you’ve got and likely more than you thought you had. And there is cost for that success that can be payable across your health, family, friends, and sometimes sanity. But if you are willing to pay that price and if you’re lucky enough to be the type that’s comfortable being uncomfortable, able to move fast and adapt even faster, and are even luckier to find yourself surrounded by a team that operates with that same culture, you just might have that wonderful and terrible combination that it takes to be a success.

Of course, having the right offering that people actually want to buy and provides value, an incredible leadership team, and market timing that’s on point are critical factors too. But make no mistake, without a hard charging, no job too small, change the world attitude, those factors won’t matter.

24 Months at Verodin

Then on October 24th, 2018, I published a similar blog making further predictions about why Verodin would be a success following the acquisition of our new headquarters in Tysons, Virginia and our $21M series B.This blog was titled "24 Months at Verodin." I wrote about the unique culture at Verodin that started with our co-founder and CEO Chris Key and attracted visionaries across the industry, like board members Jay Leek, Charles Beeler, Matt Biggie, Mark Hatfield, and Art Coviello, as well as additions to our leadership team like Major General Earl Matthews, USAF (Ret), and Rob Potter.

Across employees and investors there was always an infectious commitment to excellence and an unrelenting drive to make our customers successful, even at the initial stages of the company. We knew the cybersecurity industry needed change and more importantly, we knew we were the ones to change it. Customers deserved to get the value they expect from their investments and once they saw Verodin was able to show them that evidence, their support and recognition helped establish this new category of Security Instrumentation. We operated like a band of pirates because we weren’t satisfied with just doing something old in a new way, we actually wanted to do things differently and unapologetically.

Not only did we think about the problems in the cybersecurity industry differently (and at times so differently that it seemed crazy), but it was our mission to reach that goal of making customers successful by vastly improving cybersecurity effectiveness and realizing real business value. That mission wasn’t always a smooth path; we took our share of bumps and bruises along the way just like other trailblazers. But we continued the mission to help our customers despite the antagonists and came out the other side. Despite the naysayers and obstacles, we came out the other side, adopting a quote from the movie Fury as our mantra: “Best job I ever had.”


On May 28th, 2019, FireEye acquired Verodin. It’s not easy to find a large company that shares the same passion, drive, and vision as a startup. But that’s just what we got. Like Chris Key, FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia is a visionary leader with the passion and drive to do great things. The acquisition marked a huge success for the Verodin team and our mission while adding an exciting new chapter to our story.

Although Verodin is now part of FireEye, it maintains its independence by being compatible with all cybersecurity solutions. One such example is around threat intelligence integrations. Verodin SIP integrates with threat intelligence to operationalize and personalize that threat intelligence by validating how a customer’s cybersecurity tools will respond to TTPs and IoCs through Verodin SIP’s automated validation platform. Colby DeRodeff, Verodin CTO and co-founder of threat intelligence company Anomali, joined Verodin in part to help spearhead these efforts, as he noticed a gap in the industry related to organizations realizing value from threat intelligence. Verodin SIP continues to add support for threat intelligence companies such as Flashpoint, Intel471, ThreatConnect, and, of course, FireEyeThreat Intelligence.  

Beyond being complementary to FireEye threat intelligence, both organizations work together through Mandiant. One great example of symbiotic mutualism is the recently launched FireEye Purple Team Assessment. Mandiant experts guide an organization’s security team through highly realistic attack scenarios. To simulate the attacks, they will create scenarios with Verodin SIP based on analysis from the latest data breaches and the most current intelligence regarding industry-relevant threat groups.

From a product perspective, Verodin SIP will continue to integrate with the products that our customers use, regardless of the vendor. On the FireEye product side, one example of an integration is the Helix Security Platform. Helix is a next-gen event management and behavioral analysis platform. Verodin SIP has deep integration with Helix, across its SIEM, orchestration, and threat intelligence capabilities while continuing to support all other solutions including those that are director competitors of Helix.

Beyond the FireEye products, Verodin continues to push ahead with other vendors. A great example is illustrated in a white paper VMware published regarding their Service-Defined Firewall and how Verodin SIP is leveraged to validate its effectiveness.

What’s Next

The combination of FireEye and Verodin continues to bring real change to the cybersecurity industry. By leveraging each other’s capabilities, we are seeing tremendous growth both domestically and internationally. We’ve seen a growing number of use cases, business verticals, and integrations. And my prediction is that the next 12 months is going to make the last 36 months look like warmup laps.    

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