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Sallie Mae Sr. Director of Cybersecurity Operations Steve Lodin returns to the podcast to share his experiences introducing and maintaining cloud-based SIEM to existing infrastructure. He and Brian discuss the technicalities of transferring a mid-size financial organization to the cloud.

"Automation is hugely critical. You can't have that much happening behind the scenes and have a team to look at that. You think back to the old DOD days where every single top-secret system generated a log and then somebody had to review it. That doesn't apply these days. It takes a huge infrastructure behind the scenes to take all that in, evaluate it and really point out the here's what you need to look at events."
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Steve Lodin

Steve Lodin is the Senior Director of Cyber Security Operations in Corporate Security at Sallie Mae, where he's focused on managing perimeter security, endpoint protection, application security, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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