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The Power of Uncertainty in Cyber

June 4, 2019


Seasoned cybersecurity veteran Richard Seiersen, former SVP & CISO at LendingClub and current CEO & Co-Founder of Soluble.ai, attributes success in any career to two things: metrics and measurement. He shares his contagious passion for security, the qualities of top engineers, his latest book, and more.

If you are the kind of security person who is incredibly biased and says, 'I think security is an engineering problem,' and you are not driving what you do from a measurement perspective, you are not an engineer. You just aren't.
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Richard Seiersen

Richard is a serial CISO and respected author. Before he co-founded Soluble.ai in 2019, he held leadership positions at LendingClub and Twilio, among many others.

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