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The Evolving Educator

March 9, 2020


No one’s path to finding a career in cybersecurity is the same, but most can agree that it all starts with education, whether formal or informal. Podcast guest Dr. Meg Layton, Director of Engineering/Cyber Security Services at Symantec, finds her passion in helping others discover their own cyber path and effectively translate their technical skills to aspects of the business.

I always say to people that I can teach the technical skills, but I can't always connect the why. And that's what I think a lot of companies are really looking for now. I've often had pen testers come in to tell me, "Hey, I found this vulnerability." But then can't tell me why that's important relative to other risks to the business, or tell me even how to fix it. They'd tell me, "Oh, I don't know how you would fix it in that environment, but here's the risk." And that is not as useful to me as somebody who can come in and clearly express to me, "This is why this is a risk to the business, and this is why this is really important." I think in security sometimes we're very focused on the cool and shiny new things and forget to check and make sure they really do matter.
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Dr. Meg Layton

Dr. Meg Layton has a Master’s degree in Telecommunications and Computing Management from Polytechnic University in New York and a Doctorate in Information Assurance from the University of Fairfax.

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