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The Demand for Soft Skills

March 23, 2020


The current global industry talent shortage proves to be a tough challenge and while having impressive technical skills are important, showing skill in creative problem-solving and communication may put you above the rest. Join Brian and Lisa Plaggemier, CSO at MediaPRO, as they discuss a new perspective on training and awareness, the difference between training to solve a specific problem and thinking critically.

There’re still folks out there that want to run a really punitive program and really advocate for that, and they swear by it, because if you train to a very specific behavior and you have stiff consequences for noncompliance, it's going to work, you're going to get that specific behavior. I don't argue with that, but I think a lot of CISOs will tell you that what they want to see is engagement, and if you run a really punitive program, and your materials aren't engaging, and you're not inviting people in, you're also not teaching them how to think.
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Lisa Plaggemier

Lisa Plaggemier is Chief Strategy Officer at MediaPRO, a leading provider of data privacy and security training solutions.

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