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The Automation Advantage for SOC

April 6, 2020


Despite being only a couple of years old, the City of New York's cybersecurity program has quickly risen to become a model of success for cities all over the globe. Quiessence Phillips, the city’s Deputy CISO and Head of Threat Management, has spent her last few years there fortifying its SOC team. She and Brian talk “true ops” philosophy, playbook automation, and other secrets to success.

“A lot of times when people think about the automation, they think about, ‘Oh the robots are coming. Our jobs are in jeopardy.’ And it's not like that at all and it's really just relieving the analyst from doing very mundane activities to now doing the things that require their brain power – the reasons why we hired them in the first place.”
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Quiessence Phillips

Quiessence is a cybersecurity professional with 12+ years of experience working within the financial industry and most recently in the public sector, where she joined the City of New York as Deputy CISO.

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