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The Art of Cyber Deception

August 15, 2019


Nowadays, adversary tactics like spear-phishing are proving to be more sophisticated and deceptive than ever. Mike Fabrico’s career includes notable roles as specialist at NASDAQ and Senior Director at TrapX Security, the world leader in cyber deception technology. He breaks down deception as a strategy—not just a tool—to provide organizations with the ability to turn the tables on their opponents. And it’s much simpler than you think.

By deploying a deception strategy, we want to entice the adversary to touch us. I use the analogy a lot in my talks where the adversary is inside a dark room and he or she's trying to find the light switch. There’s a hundred light switches. So you've touched us, we've gained a lot of information, and now we can provide that information back to the ecosystem within that organization or we can give the packet and everything from a log perspective for the analyst to review.
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Mike Fabrico

Mike Fabrico is a security expert that worked for NASDAQ, has 20+ years of industry experience in implementing, architecting, and maintain critical infrastructure networks

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