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The Age of the Intelligent SOC

January 9, 2019


The Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast is kicking off the New Year with a forward-thinking episode featuring JASK CEO and Co-Founder Greg Martin. Hear his predictions about the key cybersecurity challenges that organizations will be facing in 2019. Learn about the ground-breaking developments in AI and SOC automation enabling security teams to combat the rising sophistication of cyber attacks at a super-human level.

“Without AI and intelligent automation of the SOC, there’s no path forward to being successful. You can’t fill all the roles but even if we did, we believe it still wouldn’t be good enough. The rate of attacks and the rise in sophistication of attacks are growing in such a way that it’s no longer a human scalable problem.”
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Greg Martin

Greg Martin is the CEO and co-founder of JASK. He is a renowned cybersecurity expert and successful serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley.

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