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Strength in Numbers

September 3, 2019


Cyber criminals know that the toughest of problems can be quickly solved if you work together–and especially when pulling knowledge from a collective pool of resources. What role do solutions such as encryption and SSO play against a team of hackers dedicated to stealing your data? Brian chats with Jon Inns, co-founder and CEO of Threat Status, about corporate password habits, the dark web, and surprising scam victims.

So, the volumes of data are kind of mind-blowing. We think of those 11 billion credential pairs, at least 20% of them are from corporate domains. The interesting thing about this is actually as these compromises are going on, it's not just the site that's getting compromised that's suffering; they're leaking data into a data pool that's already massive and it's just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So, this data pool, as it's kind of swelling from all these new breaches, it's just becoming more and more material that somebody else can use to compromise a different organization or a different site.
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Jon Inns

Jon Inns is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive at Threat Status. He has worked in the Information Security Industry since 2001 and has held a number of consulting, technology, business development and leadership positions throughout his career. 

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