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More organizations are keen to introduce purple teaming to their security practices but in most cases, they are not yet at the level of the business maturity needed to take that next step. Evan Pena, Director of Professional Services at Mandiant (FireEye), describes how his team uses FireEye’s premiere threat intelligence to enhance purple teaming efficiency.

“It's rare that we see a client have the full maturity model in place and I think that's something that's still evolving and not near to the technologies. That people are still putting a lot of emphasis on the technology piece, which is really important. I think people and process is also really important and people need to continue evolving in that space because I haven't seen it to where I think it needs to be yet.”
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Evan Peña

Evan Peña is the Global Red Team lead for FireEye. He routinely leads and conducts covert offensive operations against companies and has spoken at several industry conferences.

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