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Prison Breaking the System

March 16, 2020


An effective way to learn how to fix things in cybersecurity is to practice breaking them – once you’ve done that, you’re halfway there. Tiffany Strauchs Rad, CEO & Co-Founder of Anatrope, Inc. learned security skills like lock-picking and social engineering from her father, a former CIA agent and writer of the film Sneakers. She discusses her experience constructing a prison break zero-day, vulnerability research, and more.

"We created a Zero-day at the time for a particular manufacturers and ICS system. And what we figured out was really like an HMI type of interface hack. We could make it look like the prison doors were closed when in fact to the prison guard who is monitoring the whole system that in fact we had open everything, even straight out to the gates out to the public roads and everything was on this system."
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Tiffany Strauchs Rad

Tiffany Rad is the CEO and founder of Anatrope, Inc., which develops wireless automotive technologies for the security and data analytics industries.

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