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Plan and Recover

March 23, 2020


It’s tough to know if your organization is really prepared for the aftermath of a cyber-attack, but who can offer you sound advice and planning for a strong recovery? That’s where the general counsel comes in – in-house lawyers, trusted advisors, and cybersecurity experts rolled into one. Alexa King, FireEye’s EVP, General Counsel, goes into detail about the roles she plays, how to plan effectively, and advising boards.

“To the extent that breaches are inevitable, which we here at FireEye think they are, I think preparing for what one will do during that crisis and after that crisis is one of the best ways that a general council can help her company. No one makes the best decisions when they're under pressure, and so if we as GCs can help ensure that our organization has some sort of muscle memory for how to react during a crisis, particularly one involving a breach, that's a huge value add.”
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Alexa King

Heading up the FireEye legal, stock administration and privacy teams, Alexa is Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary.

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