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No Quick Fix

March 30, 2020


The number of company data breaches that make headlines on an almost daily basis will continue to skyrocket without signs of stopping if organizations neglect to take proper precautions to protect their assets. Dr. Chanel Suggs, known also as The Duchess of Cybersecurity, shares details of some of the latest shocking public breaches and how she stays on top of trends to help clients be better prepared and well-informed.

“Whenever there's a data breach, companies need to learn to take the back steps. They need to figure out what was actually targeted, what was actually accessed. They need to use the tools that hackers basically use in order to gain access. And what I mean by that is they need to understand the hacker methodology in order to better enforce their security posture.”
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Dr. Chanel Suggs

Duchess of Cybersecurity® (Dr. Chanel Suggs) is a subject matter expert on Cyber Security, Forensics, Network Security, Cryptography, Information Assurance, and IT strategy.

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