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Maintaining Continuity in Critical Infrastructure

March 16, 2020


The amount of critical infrastructure security news has exploded in the past few years due to ongoing digitalization, which has caused an overall increase of dependence on IT. Isabel Muench, Head of Branch Critical Infrastructures at BSI, talks to Brian about weaving IT security into critical infrastructure and shares stories of successes and failures.

“When we started to talk about critical infrastructure protection, we started also from this background, providing other institutions a lot of information working together to bring information security forward. And we had to learn that at a certain point, it's a problem for institutions, from the industry to have the resources to make everything, to bring everything in life in this field of IT security. You have always to invest some kind of resources to bring IT security to life.”
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Isabel Muench

Isabel Muench is an Information Security expert and works for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

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