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Machine Learning & Automation: Trust But Verify

July 2, 2019


Amazing new developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence automate testing, reporting, and workflow. However, Lisa Jones-Huff, VP of NA Pre-Sales Engineering at Exabeam, explains its true value as a tool – not a catch-all solution. She and Brian talk customer success, newly introduced security roles, and more.

When you talk about the C-suite, their concerns are going to be about automation. “How much efficiency do I have in my SOC? At the end of the day, how can I mitigate this risk?” Yes, that's important, but you also want to have some type of automation in play today so that you have a good level of understanding that if something did happen, at least maybe you've cut it off at the knees before it can get worse, like exfiltration.
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Lisa Huff

Lisa is VP of NA Pre-Sales Engineering at Exabeam and has years of customer success management experience under her belt.

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