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Widespread digitization has pushed sales-driven car dealerships to build more dedicated security teams. Air Force Space Command veteran Chip Regan and Brian talk about how his military experience has prepared him to become AutoNation’s newest CISO, prioritizing critical objectives, communicating with other executives, and data security.

“In the grand scheme of things if you boil that down to the basic component, we’re a car dealership. Car dealerships aren't generally focused on cyber security, right? They're focused on selling those things and getting their numbers to where they need to be to make the company profitable. So, they rely on me and my team to make sure that what we're doing, what we're asking for, is appropriate use of resources so that we're not chasing every new shiny object that's out there and wasting a lot of money or time. If you go through too many capabilities with a team, the team suffers as well because they can't adjust to that.”
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Chip Regan

Chip Regan is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at AutoNation, a Fortune 500© company with 26,000 Associates, over 300 locations across 18 states and is America’s largest and most recognized automotive retailer.

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