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Investing in the Right Relationship

March 30, 2020


In order to stand out as a brilliant startup in a sea of cybersecurity vendors, a few things should always be top-of-mind: a strong investor-entrepreneur relationship, awareness of other vendors, and a thorough understanding of the landscape. Roselle Safran, who is a founder & CEO of a stealth-mode startup herself, speaks to her experience with building a strong startup and offers advice for others seeking the same.

“It's really important to understand the landscape of what the market looks like and where the market's going, and how the buyers really make their decisions, and what the buyers' needs really are, because what it may look like on the surface may not really match what the needs are when you start to dig into some of those conversations.”
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Roselle Safran

Roselle is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Lytical Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in cybersecurity startups.

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