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Investing in the CISO

July 16, 2019


Richard Stiennon, serial author, industry expert, and Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest, recaps the short timeline of quality assurance in manufacturing and argues for the same approach it to cybersecurity as a core function of the business. Do investors and CISOs aligning their digital strategies accordingly and where exactly does ownership lie if, and when, the unexpected happens?

I think investors have banked in the risk. They don't have a tool that the companies can tell them, you know, other than there's a CISO in place. So maybe that gives them some assurance, but I don't think it's until the regulators, specifically the SEC, get involved and require some level of reporting. I don't think it's until that time that the investors have something that they can use to measure total risk when it comes to their investments.
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Richard Stiennon

Richard Stiennon is Chief Research Analyst for IT-Harvest, a firm he founded in 2005, and is a Washington Post best-selling author.

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