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Insightful Intelligence

March 9, 2020


The history of human warfare tells us that the recipe for victory is often a concoction of technology, strategy, and intelligence. Today’s guest, Sandra Joyce, is the SVP of FireEye, the world’s largest non-government cyber intelligence organization. She and Brian discuss significant trends, what to consider before publishing hard-earned intel, and the cleverest adversary tactics to date.

The adversaries are the ones that benefit when we don't talk about threat information, when we get caught up in mistrust or red tape and all of the things that block open communication. The more open we can be, the more efficient we can be in the transfer of knowledge. One company can't solve the problem. One government can't solve the problem. We need to come together in order to combat this. And the only people that benefit from keeping this to ourselves is the adversary.
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Sandra Joyce

Sandra is SVP and Head of Global Intelligence at FireEye.

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