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Imagination Skills

March 30, 2020


Generation Z kids have the benefit of growing up in a super-connected world with so much more available to them than other generations, but this can inhibit creativity and imagination down the road. Brian sits down with Paraben Corporation President & CEO Amber Schroader, to talk about the young new hires to digital forensics, cybercrimes in the cloud, and how her past culinary experience prepared her for her line of work.

“Imagination is one of the things that really makes us thrive in the world of cyber, because you have to look at the problem with every possible perspective you can come up with. And I think it's because kids are growing up with screens in front of them all the time, that they're not having to think creatively about their problems and having that little bit of imagination, that says, oh, I don't have what everyone else has. How do I make what I have work?”
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Amber Schroader

Throughout the past two decades Ms Schroader has been a driving force for innovation in digital forensics.

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