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From the Ground Up

May 21, 2019


Brian Contos chats with Ed Amoroso, former SVP and CSO of AT&T and current CEO of TAG Cyber LLC, about priorities and advice for building a top-notch security team. From Ed’s perspective, decision-making board members must be equipped with continuous data and have instincts that come from experience, but that can be a challenging balance to find.

Security is more foundational. You try and build the basic kind of the building blocks on which to do security. This means having processes that are simple, that are documented properly, that people understand. Having computing systems that are open with clean interfaces that are not too complicated. These have nothing to do with security architecture. But if you do any of those types of things wrong, you're going to have some trouble.
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Ed Amoroso

Dr. Ed Amoroso, current CEO of TAG Cyber LLC, retired from AT&T after 31 years of cybersecurity work. He has been Adjunct Professor of Computer Science for the past 27 years and is the author of six books on cybersecurity.

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