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From Breaking to Fixing

March 16, 2020


When looking at the cyber industry from a journalist’s perspective and analyzing trends and transformations over time, much can be revealed. Dark Reading Executive Editor Kelly Jackson Higgins has been observing the industry for almost 15 years and has seen the most challenging issues from the consumer and organizational sides. She recalls some of the biggest turning points in the industry’s past and areas still in desperate need for improvement.

"One of the things that strikes me is that you try to teach users to make better passwords. I'm constantly having these conversations with friends and family. And then, you add to that, oh, and you need to have two-factor authentication also. They just want to run away, because they don't want to deal with that. It's just too hard. It's too much to manage.”
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Kelly Jackson Higgins

Kelly Jackson Higgins is an award-winning veteran technology and business journalist with more than two decades of experience.

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