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Fast-Moving Threat Models

March 9, 2020


Threat models have grown to enormous complexity since the boot virus days and show no signs of slowing down. How does this affect cybersecurity at the workplace and at home? Brian talks with Lysa Myers, Security Researcher at ESET, and gets her take on adapting research, tools, and specialization to keep up with the fast pace.

We're having to be much more aware of threat modeling and risk assessment. Before it was just like, “Oh, somebody told me this is the product I need to use. Go. Put this on my machine and will detect all the things and all will be great.” Whereas now for companies and for individuals, having just one layer of security really isn't enough.
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Lysa Myers

Lysa Myers is a security researcher for ESET, Vice Chair of CompTIA’s IT Security Community Executive Council, and a frequent contributor to security magazines such as Dark Reading and CSOonline.

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