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Defending the State of Security

August 1, 2019


As CISO of the State of Vermont, Nick Andersen is involved in everything from healthcare to emergency management to academia. He and Brian dive into the crucial priorities for the state, differences between protecting state and business data, and establishing third-party relationships to neutralize risk.

The biggest difference between the state and business is that with a business you've got the power of your dollar behind it. If I don’t like the way an organization handled my data, I can opt to do something else or go consumer to consumer to find other options. There’s not really another option when you’re dealing with the government. You don’t have the power of choice, which places a much greater responsibility on us as a state government to take great care with citizens’ data.
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Nick Andersen

Nick Andersen is the CISO for the State of Vermont, where he leads state government efforts pertaining to security and protection of data, security compliance activities, risk reduction, security operations and threat intelligence. 

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